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At the 2019 Peace and Justice Fair in Vancouver WA.

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Interested in how I help climate groups? Yay.  This pdf grant application  shows how I can help intitiatives.  ---->


  WHAT IS THIS?  NClimate Toothpaste educates about climate action, using a patented blend of humor and Decoy Decepticon.® Climate change is overwhelming–ok, it's true. BUT incredible groups are working to mitigate it. They need your help! As a climate activist for 8 years, I promise you the climate movement self-selects for awesome people. Do you loathe great people? Then you can secretly learn how to reduce your carbon footprint. All these options are possible with the Activist Activator letters that come with Climate Toothpaste. Learn about fresh climate action in your state, with Climate Toothpaste!


  IT'S NOT TOOTHPASTE!  NSorry! I can't tell you how many people are disappointed that I don't sell toothpaste. The 100% real toothpaste box is a totally unexpected, eye-popping way to spark conversations about everybody's least favorite topic: climate change. Are you ready for your peppermint epiphany?

4 out of 5 climate activists recommend Climate Toothpaste.

  WHY TOOTHPASTE?!  NI wrote a fun article on Medium that answers this question. Why Toothpaste? The Tooth About Climate Toothpaste.

Toothpaste requires access to potable water. Water supplies are under threat from climate change. Another way to put it is: Without water, we won’t be able to use our toothpaste. Then our teeth will fall out and everyone will have bad breath AND we’ll be out of water. Let’s not go there. 

  WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? NEducate yourself...Give it as a gift...Prank your friends! No one expects Climate Toothpaste, ever. I put a lot of work into the Activist Activator letters inside, that educate about climate action. Those letters are way better than toothpaste.


  THE PROJECT IN CONTEXT  NClimate Toothpaste merges my artwork with my climate activism. My art ( critiques consumer culture. With Climate Toothpaste, I’m drawing attention to an important issue by subverting an internationally recognized brand. This project educates about climate action, and inspires new volunteers in the climate movement. 


  RISKS  NThere is always some risk with appropriation of trademarked imagery. As plainly shows, this is how I critique consumerism. This pseudo-product actually raises brand awareness. My advisors tell me that the biggest risks would occur if someone were to install Climate Toothpaste in a grocery store. The risks are trespassing, and confusing customers. I cannot publicly endorse that type of crazy activity.

  Climate Activists Save the World!  

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