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    This is a Climate Toothpaste email blast announcing Vancouver's adoption of our  

    Climate Action Framework that aims for city-wide carbon-neutrality by 2040.  

    Here is a press release I wrote to explain ACE's work that led to 

    Vancouver City Council's adoption of our.Climate Action Framework.  

   This is a sign-on letter from Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE)  

   supporting passage of Vancouver's aggressive Climate Action Framework.   

    Here's a letter to WA Dept. of Ecology, explaining why Vancouver should be on Ecology's     o"Overburdended Communities" list, and making a case for more air quality monitoring. 

    Here is an action alert I co-wrote about weighing in on local public transportation planning.  

    This is sign on thank you letter to the City of Vancouver, for our fossil fuel ordinance. 

    This is a call to action about building electrification policy that I adapted and edited.  

    This is a testimony about Vancouver's fossil fuel ordinance.  

    Here is a letter to City Council and Planning Commission supporting Vancouver's fossil fuel ordinance. 

    This testimony to City Council is in the form of a resolution. I asked to remove Northwest Natural's "Smart Energy"      program, which is Renewable Natural Gas (RNG,) from the Buildings & Energy part of our Climate Action Plan. 

    This is an LTE in support of Vancouver's Climate Action Plan.  

    This is a testimony to City Council supporting a strong, equitable fossil fuel ordinance for Vancouver. 
    It also references Portland's challenges when Zenith Energy flouted bulk fossil fuel regulations. 

    This is a very technical letter to Washington's Utilities and Trade Commission, debunking 
    Northwest Natural's "Smart Energy" program as a viable option for heating homes in Vancouver. 

    This editing sample is a sign-on letter to the City of Vancouver, supporting an extension of our        fossil fuel moratorium, and offering lessons learned by ACE coalition members in other cities. 

    What Logos Bring to Mind is an older essay about my fascination with logos.  

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