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CT Rex testifies at Vancouver Port Hearing

I testified in a T-Rex costume on June 20, 2018, at the Port of Vancouver Commission meeting. I have been focussing my personal volunteer efforts on city and state-level legislation. I am part of a group here called Alliance for Community Engagement (ACE), which is trying to get the Port and the City to adopt Climate Action Plans. (Vancouver WA is on the "Thin Green Line," where fossil fuel infrastructure is constantly being proposed. Here on the Columbia river watershed we can export directly to Asia.)

Here is my testimony:

My Wishes for the Port of Vancouver 2 Limericks and Some Thoughts In Between

Limerick #1

The Port of Vancouver is Public And needs to be clean and non-toxic We have all the tools To reject fossil fuels Let’s make our Port green and fantastic

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dinosaurs, Designosaurs and Us

I’ve been thinking about dinosaurs, fossil fuels, and the stupidity of hastening our own demise, as a species. Where we live–what some people call the Thin Green Line–is where fossil fuel projects come to die. This reminds me of an inside designer joke. It’s kind of funny, and it’s an apt metaphor for whether and how we choose to transition off of fossil fuels at the Port of Vancouver.

I’ve worked as an artist and designer for years. In print design, an old timer who refuses to use a computer is called a DESIGNOSAUR. In 10 years of design, I only met 2 DESIGNOSAURS. They’re very rare. Why? Because they are obsolete. They have rendered themselves useless, by choice. Eventually, they’ll go extinct.

Fossil fuel infrastructure here in Vancouver could threaten our health and safety, and wreck our environment. It could render us–and where we live–obsolete. Fossil fuel companies will render our planet useless, if we let them. Then we will all go the way of the dinosaurs.

We have some important choices to make with our Port. The public wants to be part of this process. Investing in fossil fuel infrastructure might seem profitable in the short-term, but make no mistake: it would be choosing to become obsolete. And the public will make sure those projects die too.

I ask that the Port of Vancouver block all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and instead prioritize recruitment of new tenants whose focus is renewable energy. You should make carbon-neutrality by 2032 a requirement of the Port and its tenants. Regardless of industry, recruit new tenants with public safety and health in mind.

Let’s not choose to be designosaurs. This moment of transition is actually a great opportunity. It’s time to look towards a clean, green future.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Limerick #2

We now have a Port Commission That can stop our noxious emissions Let’s give them a mandate We can all celebrate And make a clean, green transition


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