• Heidi Cody

How's Climate Toothpaste working?

Testimony from Emily Herbert of Citizen's Climate Lobby Portland:

Climate toothpaste got some good laughs and lots of takers at last Wednesday's climate crisis Town Hall. I was especially pleased to give one to Senator Michael Dembrow who's been a champion for all kinds of progressive causes and is onboard with state carbon pricing. He smiled for a long time as he read the carton.

We need to celebrate our talents as we fix this world. Climate toothpaste is a gift to be sure! Many thanks Heidi for your commitment to a livable future and your amazing art. My friend T when I said, "Grab a toothpaste!" replied, "Oh I'd never use ( ______brand name)." Absolutely realistic! Laughed a long time.


Climate Toothpaste ©2015  

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